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Add an Accent Wall to Create A Lasting Impression

Accentuate your space with an accent wall featuring wallpaper to make a statement without saying a word and create a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to make your room appear bigger, or add some character to a bare space, wallpaper does the job. We’ve included some tips and tricks to maximize on this space with wallpaper in a way you won’t be able to do with paint.


Make small places feel like an adventure by adding patterned wallpaper to the mix.

This is best done when the pattern is featured on one wall among many. In other words, an accent wall. The wall of choice should be the one you’re most likely to be walking toward in that space.


We all love a welcome mat, but what about a welcome wall?

Imagine walking into a refreshing space after a long day, everyday. That’s what having a welcome wall is all about.

Set the atmosphere of your home to be an uplifting one, so no matter how rough things get, your safe space is waiting to greet and re-energize you. Check out what we’ve done to our office for some further inspiration.


If you’ve got a huge wall to cover in your hallway, this is your opportunity to create a foreign getaway in the comfort of your home.

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