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Buying Guide for Fitness Floors

The perfect gym experience is one where you can build your strength without worrying about safety or cleanliness. 

Fitness flooring should provide exceptional cushioning and shock absorption and be durable enough to hold up to heavy equipment and high impact activity without losing its performance characteristics. 

Choosing a suitable floor for your gym will make your exercise time one which is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. 

Here’s what you need to know when purchasing flooring for your fitness space. 

  • Fitness flooring needs to be high impact flooring. Rubber flooring is specially designed to absorb shock, hold up to extreme pounding and protect one’s joints while exercising. 
  • Rubber flooring comes in tiles, rolls and mats. 
  • Rubber tiles has a puzzle-style interlocking system which can be easily installed. This is ideal for small to medium spaces.
  • Rubber rolls are great for covering large areas and leave a seamless appearance. The disadvantage to rubber rolls are their lengthy installation. 
  • Rubber mats are great for small spaces, however, you must ensure the mat fits the measurements of the space you need to cover. 

Advantages of Rubber Fitness Flooring


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