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Does Cork Dent ?

Cork is able to withstand most commercial traffic due to its density. It also has a lot of “memory” and depressions made by shoes and heels are generally temporary in nature. However, just like any other flooring material, cork flooring can be punctured by sharp edges and sharp feet of furniture.

The honey-combed structure within cork is filled with an air-like gas which enables the cork cell membranes to be very flexible, thus allowing cork to be both compressible and elastic. When cork is subjected to pressure or heavy weights, the air in the cells is compressed. An example would be when a cork stopper is pressed into a bottle opening. Once the pressure is released (or in the example, the cork is removed from the bottle), cork returns to within 80-95% its original shape over a short period of time. In cork flooring, this means that although its possible to make a dent in cork with a heavy object or high-heeled shoes, the cork will recover to near its original shape, unlike hardwood floors which can not recover. Placing pads under heavy objects to cushion or disperse the weight will help.

For more information refer to How to Maintain a Cork Floor.

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