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Floating vs Glue Down Cork Flooring

Cork is a durable, beautiful, eco-friendly flooring product. Installation options for cork flooring include glue-down cork tiles or floating cork planks. The main difference between the two types is the installation process and whether or not moisture is a factor.

Glue-Down Cork Tiles

While cork tiles are harder to install than cork floating floors, they are necessary in areas which will be exposed to constant moisture, such as bathrooms or utility rooms. Additionally, the proper sub-floor of plywood, cement or concrete is required. The sub-floor must be completely level and clean prior to installation.

Cork Floating Floor Planks

Cork floating floors are easier to install than cork tiles. They can also be installed over some existing floors like vinyl, laminate or ceramic. However, they should not be used in areas exposed to constant moisture. This is due to the fiberboard on which the cork is attached which swells when in contact with water.

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