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Important Considerations for Wallpaper around Kids

Designing an environment which stimulates creativity has become more prominent in schools throughout the world as the focus of educational institutions continue to shift from knowledge recall into knowledge creation. As such, there has been an increasing demand for more colour and design elements in schools.

Some of these functional aesthetics can be achieved with wallpaper, however, there are important considerations which should be made before installing this surface covering around children who have more delicate immune systems than adults.

These are the four most important things to consider before installing wallpaper to maintain a kid-friendly environment:
– Fire protection
– Cleaning Potential
– Robustness
– Absence of Pollutants

Fire Protection

In terms of fire protection, ensuring the wallpaper selected is flame resistant is important. The term “flame-resistant” means that even though these wallpapers can burn, they have a self-extinguishing effect which prevents fires from spreading.

Cleaning Potential

Cleanability is determined by the following categorisations: water-resistant, wash-resistant and scrub-resistant. For kindergartens and schools, wash-resistant to scrub-resistant wallpapers are best.


Any place where a large number of children and teenagers come together daily requires robust wallpapers. Impact resistance, tear resistance, abrasion and rub resistance are the main factors that need to be considered in schools and kindergartens.

Absence of Pollutants

The wallpaper we offer incorporates ‘green’ materials:

  • Smoke-free ink system so efficient it eliminates the need for emission controls
  • Water-based coatings for durability
  • Paper products made from 100% natural fibers that are breathable, minimizing the risk of mold or mildew

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