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Rubber Flooring and the Environment

As the world evolves, we are all becoming more mindful of our relation with the environment and our role. 

FloorsWD Ltd. is a proud supplier of Rubber flooring which is known as a high-quality, green flooring option. 

Learn more below: 

  • The durability of rubber flooring reduces the need for frequent replacement and as a result, preserve natural resoures. 
  • Natural rubber is extracted from the sap of tropical rubber, a renewable raw material. 
  • Most rubber are made from recycled rubber (such as old car tires). This reduces an enormous amount of landfill waste. 
  • Recycled rubber does not present any potential environmental or health concerns. 
  • Rubber flooring has a FloorScore for indoor air quality (FloorsScore is a certification system that tests flooring products for compliance with LEED) 
  • Rubber products are PVC-Free.
  • Our interlocking tiles can be installed without adhesives which would make your flooring 100% recyclable. 
  • Rubber flooring can be repurposed.

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