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Wallpaper for Primary Schools

Schools are a safe space where social and knowledge development flourish. It is a space which encourages creative thinking and celebrates the spirit of a child. Strategically chosen wall coverings on an accent wall can highlight the purpose of a space without being overwhelming.

In Primary Schools, classrooms with students aged 8 and under can contain letter and number patterns. We’ve included some ideas below.

Older students (from age 9 – 11) may be more inspired by geometric patterns which are related to their areas of study to enhance motivation in the classroom. We’ve highlighted some below!

Rooms with great potential for accent walls include:


Music Room

This collection brings the soundproofing benefits of enhanced sound quality and ambient noise reduction.

QuietWall wraps walls in calming quiet for sound clarity and control.

Computer Lab

Finally, colors should be light and patterns should not be too busy as there is a thin line between inspiration and distraction. For more guidance, please feel free to send a message or visit our showroom today.

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