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Wallpaper for Secondary Schools

Secondary schools are filled with pre-teens and teens who view the world as theirs for the taking, and rightfully so. It is the most exciting years of one’s life where the sky is the limit, and individuals begin learning more about what makes them tick and what they have to offer to society.

Secondary school teachers harness this energy daily, guiding students on their journey. The space we’re surrounded by also has an effect on the subconscious mind. Why not maximize inspiration by doing some accent walls in secondary schools? We’ve highlighted some ways that could be done. Let’s get creative!

If classrooms are predominantly used for specific subjects, the pattern can align with the the topic. Examples: geometric wallpapers for subjects like maths, chemistry, or physics, as this creates an interesting and topical visual connection.

Floral models are most suitable for subjects like natural history and bio-chemistry.

For rooms where English and foreign languages are taught, typographic wallpapers are perfect.

Arts and crafts lessons suit abstract and unusual, colourful patterns.

In summary, the wallpaper patterns should be selected according to the purpose of each space. They should either pick up on the teaching subject or provide a relaxing effect. Finally, to avoid an overstimulating atmosphere, these designs should be used as accent walls only. If you would like further guidance, please feel free to message or visit our showroom.

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