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What’s Normal for a New Hardwood Floor

A new floor completely changes the look of a room.
If you’ve never had hardwood before, here’s what you should expect to see, now and as the floor ages.

Natural Variation

Variations in wood grain, shading, and knots are normal — that character is what gives hardwood its beauty.

Natural Aging

Hardwood floors darken as they age.

Whole Floor vs. Samples

Expect your new floor to look slightly different from the samples you saw. The sample would have aged longer than your floor, and its small size would only be able to show some of it’s texture and variation.

Putty & Filler

Putty and/or filler are used on every hardwood floor.


Cupping occurs when you have a moisture issue. This could be due to a plumbing leak, or too much humidity in your home.

Gaps Between Boards

Separation between boards is caused as floor boards dry out because they shrink. With our naturally humid climate, the probability of boards drying out is very slim.

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