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Wood- Effect Wallpaper

Wood-panelled walls transform a room, but they can be costly. That’s where wallpaper with wood finishes come in.

There are a range of different wooden styles available. Whether you want to re-create an atmospheric coffee house, soothing library space, or add some coastal flair, there’s a wallpaper to match.

Wood finishes are statement pieces which can be used to create a statement. This can be done using an accent wall.

We’ve highlighted some inspiration for you below.

1) Log Cabin Escape

Create a cabin space without ever leaving your home or breaking your pocket.

2) Chevron Finish

This design features interlocking wooden blocks that create a chevron pattern.

The richly detailed wood-effect wallpaper design has a number of colors to explore. From cream to teal, add a coastal vibe with this finish.

3) Add some character with Weathered Wood

This wood-effect wallpaper creates the perfect balance between bold and beautifully aged. Celebrating the beauty of wood in its raw state is a key design feature for the industrial style.

4) Classic Wooden Panel Design

The paneled wood design commands respect. It leaves an air of authority wherever it is found. Perfect for office spaces or a study, as well as capturing the feel of historical places.

5) Cerused Woodgrain

Cerused wood finish offers a laid-back, bohemian and artsy feel to it. Black is showcased above highlighting the dexterity of this finish which can be used on furniture for a wooden finish as well as chests and kitchen cabinets.

6) Gilded Wood Tile

Gilding is a decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to solid surfaces, in this case, wood. While the wall covering does not have gold attached to it, the finish is one which embodies the gilded look with half the expense.

7) Geometric Wood

This contemporary design is the wooden equivalent of a geometric print. The blended shades and the patchwork layout gives this design the look of a tiled wooden floor.

8) Teahouse Panel

This handsome and intriguing wallcovering consists of organic material accentuated with contrasting metal; resembling parquet, this is distinctive Teahouse Panel Wallpaper.

9) Combine Grass and Wood with this Design

CODE: TR4282

The effortlessly stylish design combines different surface elements, such as wood and vinyl layered together to create a distinct texture. Despite the mixed materials, the uniformed lines in the finish give the wood element the upper hand. This wallcovering can be hung vertically or horizontally. Create a modern feel with a classic touch with this design today.

10) De-stress with some Distressed Wood.


Finally, in the world of wall coverings, we encourage you to keep your eyes open for out-of-the-box applications and to keep your creative spirit marching forward. This distressed wood finish expresses our sentiments perfectly.

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